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Zion – A hill in Jerusalem on which the palace of King David was built, and later the temple, taken as the religious, national and cultural center of the ancient Jews.

            First off let me give you a little background on the game so far. The game starts a few years before the War in Heaven. The characters all started as relievers (only six forces). They met two men, Enosh and Keenan twin brothers who were orphaned just after birth. The entire group realized that they had a great destiny and that someday they would be instrumental in changing the world. The brothers would eventually betray one another and become enemies (a demon of Malphas had a hand in this).

            The group had many adventures and the story spans many years. The first arch of my story took place during this time up until the 1800 AD. During this time the characters wandered the Earth, righting wrongs as they went. All the reoccurring characters were set up, fleshed out, and the PCs had time to define their characters (this took about a year of real time). During this period they met two reoccurring characters, brothers that warred against each other.

            The second arch of the adventure took place in the modern era in a city called Zion. Zion is a fictional city, kinda a cross between Sunny dale and Metropolis. The player characters set down roots and stop their wanderings. The city they realize is very special and has some unknown significance to the war. There they meet the demons and angels that populate the city as well as some old favorites. Two characters pop up again, the brothers now known as Ennis Nineveh, and Boris Keenanson. The city of Zion will be the rally point for humanity when the Rapture occurs. The two brothers will reconcile their differences and wrest control of Humanities destiny from the hands of the meddling celestials. The war that was fought over humanity will be ended by humanity. Yves knows this and the wrest of the Archangels and demon Princes have some idea of the significance. The city will be one of the focuses of the coming battle and will also the start. The rapture will occur in the third arch of the story.

            The word of Zion is up for grabs and the player characters are in the running. The two most promising hopefuls are Zouriel Cherub of Protection and Mattiel Malakim of the Sword. The infernals have their own competition with the player characters archenemy Konda as the only hopeful to have a chance.


What I need from the Archangels

    I need people to take the role of the archangels involved in making the decision on who will get the word. I would do this but my wife is playing Zouriel and I kinda have a bias towards her, and plus it sound like fun to me. I would like to take myself out of the decision making part of the competition and let you all decide their fate.

     I need someone to play the roles of the archangels. I will post here all the significant things that they have done and you will come up with who you think should hold the word. If you have any questions for the applicants please feel free to write me.

Here is a look at the Angelic player characters: This is information the Seraphim counsel has on all celestial competing for the word of Zion. (To look at the characters from the games beginning go here)

Seraphim Counsel 

Personnel files

To read a letter from Seraphina, the only player character not involved in the competition please go to her letter to the counsel 

Mattiel the Malakim Servant of the Sword

Fearless, strong, and pure of purpose. Mattiel tries to embody all the traits of his new choir. Before the fall, the Seraph Mattiel served the word of Purity in all it's aspects. During the battle in Heaven his closest companions fell and his personal symphony changed transforming him into one of the Virtues. Now Mattiel strives to make the symphony pure for God's purposes.

Corporeal Forces-5    Strength 12Agility 8
Ethereal Forces-3     Intelligence 7 Precision 5
Celestial Forces-4     Will 8 Perception 8
Vessel: Human/1
Skills: Fighting/6, Dodge/6, Large weapon(Sword)/6, Language (Sumer, Latin, Greek, Cymric, English)/1, Tracking/1, Emote/2
Songs: Healing/6 (Corp.), Healing/3 (Celes.), Light/3 (Celes.), Possesion/4(Celes.), Corp Form/6
Malakim of The Sword, Mercurian of the sword, Malalkim of Novalis servitor attunement. Vassal of the Sword

Role: (level 2, Status 3) Priest named Father Matthew

Malakim Oaths: Never suffer an evil to live, Never surrender in a fight, Never tell a lie, Never refuse aid an honorable soul in need

All applicants were asked a few questions by the counsel. These were their truthful responses.

Why do you think you should be the holder of the word?

            If I am given the word, it will be because God has decided that I am right to protect the word.  It is not vain to accept the duty that God has given me.

How will the war benefit from them holding the word of Zion?

            Zion is composed of many words, which all need to be promoted.  As an angel of the Sword, I am familiar with leading and taking command.  I am also able to delegate authority to the word that is most appropriate under a given situation.

What will be your agenda while serving the word of Zion?

            I would act as a General on Earth, much like Laurence is the General of Heaven’s armies in Heaven.  Hopefully we will have won the war and will be able to leave the city to the humans, who will look upon it as a model upon which to build their societies.  It will mean Heaven on Earth, a base of operations for angels for our corporeal affairs.  It will be the corporeal equivalent to the Eternal City.    

Recent Events:

    Mattiel has recruited a group of young Malakim to help him fight for the word of Zion. He has also started a community group of church goers that help in the neighborhood. Mattiel is a relentless killer that will stop at nothing to kill demons. He recently fought the demon Konda on the beach. During the battle the collateral damage injured several people and killed many more. Mattiel was not very concerned, saying that the death of Konda was a great threat that needed to be stopped, the humans he figured would meet their destiny or fate depending on thir personal honor. Zouriel and Seraphina have distanced themselves from Mattiel's blind view of war.

    Iverial, a servant of Baal and Mattiel's one time friend before the fall was seen conversing with him outside his church. She has given him information to find Konda and stop him. It is no secrete that she is in love with the Malakim. 

We’re fighting a war here on Earth.  In order to fight it effectively, we need a home base, a command center.  It is my intention to use Zion to that effect.  It will be our “Eternal City” on Earth, and I will be its’ General.  We will secure Zion and cleanse it of evil.  From there, we will expand our boundaries outward a little bit at a time, until the city of Zion covers the entire planet and we have won the war.  At that point the city of Zion shall continue to serve as an example to the people of the world and help to teach them how to lead a good and honorable life.

 -Mattiel Malakim of the Sword

Zouriel the Cherub servant of Zadkiel

Zouriel strives not only to protect but to teach and provides guidance and enlightenment for those she finds worthy. It deeply hurts her to see anything die, and some say she should have served Novalis. Slow to anger Zouriel is a relentless fighter when defending her chosen focus. 

Corporeal Forces-4          Strength 9 Agility 7
Ethereal Forces-3             Intelligence 6 Precision 6
Celestial Forces-2             Will 4 Perception 4
Vessel: Human/3
Detect Lie/3, Fighting/4, Dodge/3, Emote/2, Swimming/1, Large Weapon (Staff)/3, Languages (Sumerian)/3, Language (Greek)/2, Language (Aramaic)/2, Language (Cymric, English)/1, Medicine/3
Healing/5(Corporeal), Healing (ether)/3, Healing (Celestial)/3, Wings/3, Affinity/3(Corporeal), Entropy/6(Ethereal), All Shield/3,
Cherub of Zadkiel, Zadkiel's Aura of Divinity, Cherub of Novalis, Vassal of Protection

Role: Level 2, status 5. Doctor Zoey Kerub

Zeffar (level 5, Class 5 servant)

 All applicants were asked a few questions by the counsel. These were their truthful responses.

Why do you think you should be the holder of the word?

            That not only me, but my allies and friends will provide ample support for upholding the word of Zion.  My faith, devotion, and anticipation of giving myself entirely to having the word of Zion.

How will the war benefit from them holding the word of Zion?

            Those that are unjust, cruel, and evil will be dealt with by any means fit to let them see the error of their ways.

What will be your agenda while serving the word of Zion?

            Zion will become a place of learning, tolerance, and an appreciation for the beauty of God’s creations.  A representation of what man can achieve when given the proper inspiration and guidance.

Recent Events:

    Zouriel has recently approached both brothers asking for their help in making the city safe. Boris being a multi millionaire would fund her cause while Ennis in his position as a city counsel  man would cut through the cities red tape. She has recruited other angels in the city to help her in her cause most notable being the angel called Blue. Blue is a servant of Eli who was inspired by her steadfast protection of the innocents asked to work for Zadkiel. Zouriel's lover Seraphina also helps her in her struggle to attain the word of Zion.

    She now works as the cities protector and tries to help humanity achieve it's destiny. Recently she took under her wing a young boy named Bart who worked for Train, the Demon of street fights. She is now teaching him another way of living and giving him an appreciation for life. She has been seen getting information from a vampire renegade lately. She has lost a few forces in a celestial battle with an Impudite of technology. The demon was banished but at a cost of two forces.

There is a multitude of reasons why I believe I am best suited to have and protect the Word of Zion.  My versatility as an angel of Protection provides me with a wide variety of skills and strengths that range from kindness and understanding to fierce devotion and supreme physical prowess.  The Lord knows of my devotion and eagerness to teach the masses of the glory of Heaven and have people understand and appreciate all that God has given them.  I hope to pull the community of Zion together by having them recognize the power each of them has to give to make Zion stronger, safer, and prosperous for all good people who reside there.

-Zouriel Cherub of Protection

The other angels contending for the word are:

Luke the Ofanite  Servant of Gabriel

    Luke is the head strong servant of Gabriel. He moves with quicksilver like speed and deadly precision while punishing the wicked. Luke's headstrong nature has caught the attention of Michael after a meeting in the grove in which Luke said that he deserves Michael's gratitude for fighting during the fall. Michael told Luke that every angel's duty was to fight and that he did nothing special. Although Michael appreciated his audacity Gabriel thought he needed to learn some humility.

Corporeal Forces-5             Strength 9 Agility 11
Ethereal Forces-3             Intelligence 7 Precision 5

Celestial Forces-4            Will 7 Perception 9
Vessel: Human/1
Throwing/1, Fighting/4, Dodge/3, Move Silently/1, Acrobatics/1, Large weapon (Axe)/3, Language (Sumerian, Greek, Latin, Egyptian, Aramaic, English, Cymric)/1, Tracking/3, Fast Talk/1, Detect lies, Lying/1, Computer Operations/1, Driving/1, Escape/1, Lockpicking/1, Driving/1
Motion/6 (Corporeal, Celestial) Motion/4 (Ethereal), Thunder/5, Tongues/1 (Corporeal), Healing/1, Ether healing/1, Shields/1 (Celestial), Corporeal Form/5, Wings/1
Ofanim of Gabriel, Smite, Vassal of Fire

All applicants were asked a few questions by the counsel. These were their truthful responses.

Why do you think you should be the holder of the word?

            I am not sure I should be, but I am willing to try and that is all that counts.

How will the war benefit from them holding the word of Zion?

            The city will become the center of progress and less cruelty will blemish it's streets.

What will be your agenda while serving the word of Zion?

            If the cruel are punished, will there not be justice?


Lauren the Seraphim  servant of Jordi

"I am a force of nature. I often let my emotions cloud my judgments when it concerns humans. Humans, are beings to hate, destroy, and use as play toys; Yet, now, they progress beyond what I understand. They are still worthy of my hate and anger, Yet they obviously need protection and guidance. Children of humans, are the ones who can be taught to respect animals, and the role of nature, when the children become adults, it is oftentimes an impossibility to ret each them. I will make them Learn the error of their ways, and if they do not learn, Then they WILL die, God willing."

Corporeal Forces-4 Strength 6 Agility 10
Ethereal Forces-2 Intelligence 4 Precision 4
Celestial Forces-2 Will 4 Perception 4
Vessel: Puma/2
Dodge/1, Climbing/1, Fighting/4, Move Silently/1, Acrobatic/1, Survival/1 (Plains)
Motion/1 (All), Thunder/1, Tongues/1 (Corporeal), Healing/1 (Ethereal), Shields/1 (Celestial)
Seraph of Jordi, Cherub of Jordi, Call of the wild

All applicants were asked a few questions by the counsel. These were their truthful responses.

Why do you think you should be the holder of the word?

            I am confident in my abilities and in the strength of my pack.  Together we are the symphony.  Together we are a force to be recognized.  I am a Seraphim of Jordi, if I am not worthy, another will be, and I will aid that person until Jordi deems otherwise.  “Even a pack of hamsters can defeat a single lion.”

How will the war benefit from them holding the word of Zion?

            Zion will be a bastion for Heaven.

What will be your agenda while serving the word of Zion?

            I will guide Zion to live in balance with nature and the symphony. 

    Ok Archangels now that you have had a look at the characters I need you to email me your votes. If you need further information on a particular character just let me know and I will be happy to oblige. Thanks in advance!


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