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This page is devoted to the current In Nomine that I run. I plan on putting the game logs in soon and all the player contribution and characters sheet. but for now the cast of characters are the only thing that I have had time to do.

The Ofanite Luke Servant of Gabriel

Luke is the head strong servant of Gabriel. He moves with quicksilver like speed and deadly precision while punishing the wicked. Luke's headstrong nature has caught the attention of Michael after a meeting in the grove in which Luke said that he deserves Michael's gratitude for fighting during the fall. Michael told Luke that every angel's duty was to fight and that he did nothing special. Although Michael appreciated his audacity Gabriel thought he needed to learn some humility.


The Seraph Seraphina servant of Novalis

Before the Fall, I loved serving the word of Flowers, helping humanity to grow and bloom to their fullest beauty. During the Fall, I stood back to back with my allies, pushing the fallen into Hell, so that Heaven could remain pure. Now after the Fall, I'm not certain how best to combat the forces of Hell. Novalis says, "Kill them with kindness", but I have other ideas on how to go about doing this.



The Seraph Lauren servant of Jordi

I am a force of nature. I often let my emotions cloud my judgments when it concerns humans. Humans, are beings to hate, destroy, and use as play toys; Yet, now, they progress beyond what I understand. They are still worthy of my hate and anger, Yet they obviously need protection and guidance. Children of humans, are the ones who can be taught to respect animals, and the role of nature, when the children become adults, it is oftentimes an impossibility to ret each them. I will make them Learn the error of their ways, and if they do not learn, Then they WILL die, God willing.

The Kyriotate Mathathiel servant of Michael

The Cherub Zoriel servant of Zadkiel


The Malakim Mattiel Servant of Uriel

Fearless, strong, and pure of purpose. Matiel tries to embody all the traits of his new choir. Before the fall, the Seraph Matiel served the word of Purity in all it's aspects. During the battle in Heaven his closest companions fell and his personal symphony changed transforming him into one of the Virtues. Now Matiel strives to make the symphony pure for God's purposes.



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