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Journal Entries

The Malakim Matiel Servant of Uriel

Corporeal Forces-4 Strength 9Agility 7
Ethereal Forces-2 Intelligence 4 Precision 4
Celestial Forces-3 Will 6 Perception 6
Vessel: Human/2
Skills: Fighting/4, Dodge/3, Large weapon(Sword)/2, Language (Sumer)/1, Tracking/1
Songs: Healing/2 (Corp.), Healing/2 (Celes.), Light/3 (Celes.), Possesion/4(Celes.)
Attunements: Malakim of Purity, Perfect Pitch*

Malakim Oaths: Never suffer an evil to live, Never surrender in a fight, Never tell a lie, Never refuse aid an honorable soul in need

These attunememnts are courtesy of Rich Gant. I found the write up at