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The Villains

Iverial Djinn in the service of Baal

Iverial was a Cherub of Michael and the closet friend of Matiel. Iverial temper and contempt for humanity lead to her fall. She saw Michael as an overbearing father and Baal as the generous uncle who gave her the freedom to do what she needed. During the war in Heaven she made the choice to fight for the forces of Hell. She didn't consider humanity something worth saving but to be exploited. Although she feels something special for Matiel she knows that it will never be.`


Konda Shedim in the service of Kobal

Konda was a friend to the group. A mute reliever, when the war broke out in Heaven he was swept up and twisted by the forces of Lucifer. His mind warped by the trauma of watching those he called friends fight against one another tore his soul apart making it malleable for the Light bringer to shape as he saw fit.




The master of all servant to none. He bows to no one. The great Blasphemer. Lucifer fathered the fall and looks to drag humanity down into the pit. The Light bringer has sworn only to bring darkness to the world




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