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Archangel of the Sea

by Jerry Grayson with lots of help from Darren Miguez
“Water is life and life is water”
Oannes is the Kyriotate Archangel of the sea. A calm and benevolent Archangel, He and his servants helped mankind learn to sail the seas and irrigate their fields etc.

If a servant of Oannes stays away from a large body of water for more than a day they gain a point of dissonance and loose a point of strength per day that they are away. The lost strength is restored when the servant is returned to their watery home.

All servants of Oannes have the ability to withstand the pressures of the deep sea. They move as freely in the water as they do on dry land. When immersed in water they may assume their celestial form automatically.

Choir Attunements
Seraphs have the ability to tell just how deep and pure a body of water is with a resonance roll. They can also divine where natural bodies of water are, making them divine divining rods. Being so close to the purity of Heaven these angels can purify gallons of water equal to the celestial forces
If the subject that they are attuned to is on or within a large body of water the cherub gets to add his corporeal forces to the digit check when locating it. Cherubim can also resuscitate a drowned being if they drowned within a number of minutes equal to their Corporeal Forces.
The elohim can use water to purify any poison or bacterial or chemical related afflictions a person might be suffering from.
They can travel in the water at double their normal movement. When using their resonance they can travel double their check digit plus their corporeal forces miles.
They move with a fluid motion and are hard to hit in combat giving them a bonus to their dodge equal to their corporeal forces. Malakim can heal body hits equal to their strength while standing in water once per day
The Dominators are able to possess a man-sized amount of water as a vessel with a body level of one. Having a body made of water gives several benefits: they can flow under a door, are hard to grapple and strike in combat (+2 bonus to dodge and +2 difficulty to be grappled) and can easily hide in fish tanks or buckets with little effort.
The Mercurians are the teachers of man and also great sailors and navigators. They add their ethereal forces to any seamanship skill roll. These angels have an innate sense of the changing tides giving them the ability to sail the seas efficiently. They know the best place to irrigate with a resonance roll plus ethereal forces

Servitor attunements
This attunement lets Oannes’ servants wash away minor discord. The subject must completely repent of his sins and be completely immersed in water. The servant may then spend the appropriate amount of character points and wash away discord no greater than level 3
Create Water
The angel can create a volume of pure water in gallons equal to the corporeal forces for 2 essence. This can be used as an attack (-2 accuracy) that does the digit check in damage. The attack inflicts double damage if the angel is in a large body of water. It has a range of corporeal forces times ten. Against all form of undead the water acts as “Holy Water” doing double the check digit in damage when it come in contact with the undead’s physical form.
Vassal of The Sea
Servants with this distinction can redirect streams, changing a stream’s course in yards equal to their forces.
Friend of the Sea
Friends of Oannes can lower the volume of a body of water by their corporeal forces times 1000 cubic yards
Master of the Wine Dark Sea
Servants with this distinction can part large bodies of water for their forces +8 hours. They create a walkway that is their forces times 10 miles long and their forces times 10 yards wide.

Allied: Novalis, Zadkiel,
Associated: Yves, Mark, Jean
Hostile: Jordi, Michael

Basic Rites
Help a find a pure drinking water supply
Teach a man to fish (and feed him for a life time)
Spend a day in the water swimming

Chance of Invocation: 3
Invocation Modifiers

+1 Bring water to a thirsty person
+2 Wash a persons feet and anoint their heads with oil
+3 Stand in the middle of a large river
+4 Stand in a verdant plain that was once a desert wasteland. Find a undiscovered oasis.
+5 Irrigate a dry field.
+6 Standing at the bottom of the Ocean