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Archangel of Knowledge

Angels of Raphael live in a universe filled with unanswered questions that must me answered. Angels of knowledge live by logic and detection, any problem can be solved with rational analysis. Finding the answers to things and sharing them with others is the true meaning of their existence. It is dissonant for her angels to not seek out and share their knowledge. these angels must at every turn analyze and quantify their environment. Also it is dissonant to withhold knowledge from someone who gueinely wants to learn.

This choir resonate with the truth of the unknown. When asking a question about some unknown lore the seraphim of Raphael can ask the symphony one question and be answered if their resonance roll is made

Cherubim of knowledge always know the history of whatever they are attuned to.

The wheels of Knowledge automatically receive a check digit of 6 when looking for any general location within an area equal to their celestial force in ten of miles.
Elohim of Knowledge can attune themselves to an individual and know their greatest weakness and greatest strength. In addition the Elohim can add their Celestial forces to their resonance digit check. Elohim can touch objects and pick up the emotional state of the last person that touch it, roll normal resonance.

Malakim are the best hunters in creation. they will always find clues to where their prey lies. The Malakim need only roll a perception minus how many days old the trail is to get a clue as to where their prey has gone.

The dominators will always know who the best host is out of a group of beings. The Kyriotates will have all the knowledge of the host and access to all his skills. Anyone who spots a Kyriotates in their celestial form will have a moment of divine rapture and understand a fundamental truth of something, depending on who they are and what is on their mind at the time of the sighting.

The friends of man can add their celestial forces to their resonance roll. The Mercurians can also use his resonance on a group equal to his celestial force and know what their history is with a successful resonance roll.

Symphonic Awareness
With this attunement the angel will always know the who what when and where of any disturbance in the symphony for the purpose of a test double the angels perception and add his Celestial forces to the digit check. With the expense of one essence and a perception roll the angel can also tell you why the disturbance occurred

Uncoucious knowledge
the angel can ask any random person any random question and they will answer it. the symphony flows through all living thing connecting them and binding them. this attunement cost 10 essence and can only be used once a day.


Vassal of knowledge
The vassal becomes a living reservoir on a particular Finite subject. the angel must pick a particular person place or thing the be the maven of. The angel could for instance be the vassal of knowledge on role-players

Friend of Knowledge
The angel can pick subject equal to their Ethereal forces to be mavens on.

Masters of Knowledge
The angel gets to pick a broad area of knowledge to be scholar of . The angel can pick a broad group to know things about such as the Games in general.

Allied: Jean, and Yves
Associated: All others
Hostile: None
Spend 2 hours teaching a group of student
Spending 4 hours in a place of Knowledge or in the presence of arcane lore
Spend an hour exploring a region never visited
+1 Telling a story
+2 Give a book or scroll to someone
+3 Write a small essay on some area of knowledge
+4 Sit in a large are of knowledge or learning
+5 Construct an area of learning
+6 Find a bit of important knowledge. (Discover Atlantis, map the human G-nome)

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