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Archangels Votes

Having reviewed the files, I'm leaning toward Zouriel as being the best angel
for the Word of Zion.  Being responsible for a city requires the ability to
compromise and employ persuasion as well as skill in martial matters. 
Zouriel strikes me as the one with the best balance of qualities for such a

However, I'm not casting my final vote yet, just merely stating my
preliminary impressions.  I wish to hear other perspectives before making my
final decision.

Mercurian Archangel of Trade

   Having reviewed all the relevant records and heard the words of the
candidates, I render my judgment as follows:

Mattiel has worked through the Church in order to help the community,
for which he earns praise and shows admirable dedication to the cause.
His skill at battle is something which will be much needed in the days
ahead, and there is no doubt that of the candidates before us, he is the
best placed to protect against direct invasion by our foes. However, he
has not learnt to restrain his zeal for combat, even to the detriment of
innocent bystanders, which shows a degree of personal pride that cannot
be commended. Further, I note that he has been seen to converse with a
demonness, which is a matter of very serious concern. Such conversations
can be justified, so long as the demon in question is likely to redeem,
yet, it seems from the evidence provided, this is an unlikely
proposition. I therefore question whether Mattiel's fervor for the
destruction of our enemies is blinding him to truth and justice. Mattiel
has further stated that 'hopefully' we will win the War. That implies
doubt as to the outcome, which I cannot condone.

Zouriel has also provided help to the community, for which she, too,
should receive our praise. She has also shown an ability to work with
others in a wide array of functions that would be important should she
obtain this Word. Her dedication against our enemies seems strong, yet
her dislike of death may at times handicap her when the city must be
protected. She is committed to justice and protection of the innocent,
which will be an important asset for a word bound angel of a city. She
has been weakened recently in righteous battle with a demon, which both
demonstrates a willingness to place herself at risk to combat the enemy,
and also that she is not as strong as she might be in her ability to do

Luke states that he is not sure whether he is suitable for this Word.
Ipso facto, he is not suitable. There can be no room for doubt.

Lauren states that he finds humans worthy of hatred and anger. Thus, the
Word of a city is not appropriate for him.

In summary, I reject the applications of Luke and Lauren for the reasons
give above. To the matter of which of the other two candidates would be
most appropriate, I have given some thought. Both have admirable
qualities, and both have failings which might hinder their mission. This
is an extremely close contest, with both candidates evenly matched in
terms of pros and cons for the Word which they seek. After considerable
deliberation, I have determined that I can only render a true judgment
based upon the records of the candidates, specifically, upon which of
the two can suffer the lesser degree of reproach.

Therefore I support Zouriel, servant of Zadkiel, in her candidacy for
the Word of Zion.

In Veritas,

     Archangel of Judgement

I have examined the candidates for the Word of Zion, and two stand out above
the rest -- Mattiel, Malakite of the Sword, and Zouriel, Cherub of

Mattiel, fearless and skilled warrior that he is, could protect the city in
war, keep it free of demons, and would know when to delegate tasks more
suited to other angels than he.  Zouriel could nurture the human population
of the city, building it into a place where the values of the Host would be
able to flourish.

However, I do not believe that Mattiel is the best angel to hold the word of
Zion.  Malakim are not suited to hold City-words.  Their focus is on the
War, the destruction of evil, and on honor.  These things permeate their
being, and any other priority is and must be secondary to them.

A Cherub, however, once attuned to a place, person, or thing, has made that
entity its priority.  Zouriel's attention can be entirely devoted to the
population and limits of Zion.  And the angels, after all, are not the most
important thing about Zion; nor are the demons, which can be destroyed by
anyone, not necessarily by the Angel of Zion.  Zouriel has already
demonstrated that she can and will fight when she wishes to; and if she
gains the Word of Zion, I suspect that her pacifistic leanings will be cured
by the first demon that endangers the city or anyone in it.

For these reasons, I believe that this is one case where a warrior is not
the best angel for the job, and cast my vote for Zouriel, Cherub of
Protection, as the Angel of Zion.

Archangel of War

Although I cannot say that I am completely unbiased in this endeavor; nor can I cay that this is the easiest of choices for me to make. But the fact remains, my friends...

...we are at war.

And as much as many of the host of Angels would like to deny this -- or at the very least see this as an opportunity to show the wicked the error of their ways in some vain hopes that they, too, will see that which we see; in some misguided belief that they should fall to their knees begging for forgiveness and mercy; praying for redemption... Sadly, this is not going to happen.

We are at war.

And no matter the number that wish to deny this or bury their heads in the sand, this is the way of it. This is the universe that we live in. This is the symphony as it exists today. And because of this, I support the bid of Mattiel, the Malakim Servant of the Sword -- one of my own -- in his efforts to have and to protect the word of Zion.

In Veritas,


To the surprise of many Janus was actually attending this session of the
council.  And in accordance with the custom of explaining your vote
while the total was being tallied delivered this statement.
"The first of the applicants presented Mattiel Malakim of the Sword is
an impressive figure of an angle strong and able and inflexible as the
worst angel of the Sword.  Yes I know Laurence was appointed by god but
really?  This guy sounds like he doesn't do much for other than hunt
demons all day.  Booring.  Any candidate for a halfway important word
needs to know how to relax and occasionally party, otherwise the stress
may lead him to discord."

"The second candidate does have the flexibility that the first lacks but
Zouriel lacks the speed to respond to emergencies and take care of
things _before_ it's time to assume a siege mode.  It is my fear that
though she is subtle she would not act with speed and the village would
become a city under continual siege from constant threats"

"Luke on the other hand has the speed of an ofanie and would definitely
be proactive in keeping the city clean of cruel scum, but I fear that he
would be blinded to the other dangers inherent to the word of Zion with
his searchlight for the cruel."

"Lauren... do my eyes deceive me?  Is there truly a servitor of Animals
seeking a metropolitan word?" Janus shifts momentarily into a whirlwind
of laughter that fills the chamber and sends a hundred sheets of paper
into the air. "That is certainly different!  I hereby vote for this
outstanding angel who is not afraid to fight the difficult path and do
things differently."


After having heard from all the candidates, here's how I see it -

Mattiel has come a long ways, and has a good heart. He has the proper
strength of conviction that one would expect from a Virtue, and he would
indeed be useful during a the battles that _may_ lie in the future. Laurence
is correct - we are at War, whether it is by our choosing or not. And I see
nothing wrong with having someone skilled in battle counted higher among our
ranks, should the need arise. But Nikki's right - he hasn't learned that
there's a time for restraint - especially when innocent bystanders are in
the way. I also don't believe that someone with his temperment should be in
charge of a city this pivotal - the holder of this Word should be leaving
the offense to others, instead focusing on making sure that Zion will be
taken care of. As for his dealing with Iverial... one doesn't have to be an
Elohim to read how she feels for him. Unless I'm mistaken, the emotion of
Love was something that was important enough that this same council once
raised an Archangel to watch over it. At least some of our servitors have
remembered that fact, even if their Superiors haven't, hmm?

Zouriel is not as strong as most of us would ask for the Word of a major
city, but that can be dealt with in other ways. She has a different style
than some of us, which could present problems when dealing with some of our
more... single-minded servitors. I'm not certain that she has a clearly
defined view of how best to further the Word of Zion, but since the city
will change over the years I think that someone with a less rigid approach
may prove out over the long run. The girl knows how to show her thorns when
she's pressed - although she's been very reluctant to take violent action -
which I still agree is this best way, boys... - her recent incident with
Technology will give her a better understanding of what she can and cannot
handle, and therefore give her a better feel of when violence is

Luke, I'm sorry to say, should probably not have been nominated for this
Word. Everyone in this council, whether we can agree on anything or not,
knew that their Word was right for them. In this case, trying is not what
counts. Perhaps he should be given consideration for a subordinate position
to whoever gains the Word, as his zealousness and his hate of cruelty will
prove beneficial whereever he may go.

I've met with Lauren, and I can not give my recommendation for the Word of a
_City_ to someone who hates and is angry with Humanity. To give her this
word would almost definitely put Humanity and Lauren in dire straights -
after all, Humanity is what creates, furthers and in a very real sense _is_
the City of Zion. To give a Servitor a Word that would either force them to
change their outlook on the world or eventually have the Word stripped from
them is something I can't abide by.

So... here's my Official Lines so that Nikki can write them down -

Zouriel, Servitor of Protection, will receive the support of the Archangel
of Flowers for her Candidacy for the Word of Zion.

Should Mattiel wish to fulfill another Word that is more in tune with his
Temperment and his experience, the Archangel of Flowers will happily support
the Archangel of The Sword in his nomination.

Luke, Servitor of Divine Fire, should be given consideration for a position
as a Deputy Seneschal so that he may better understand what it means to hold
a Word from this council. Should his Bright Lady or her Chamberlain put him
forward for another Word after such an experience, the Archangel of Flowers
will be pleased to give him her consideration.

Lauren, Servitor of Animals, should be placed in an environment where she
can learn more of Humanity's ways and perhaps gain a less colored view of
them. Should her views become less hostile to Mankind, the Archangel of
Flowers will be pleased to consider her for the Word of a City, or any Word
that she wishes to represent.

In God's Love,

After examination of the select angels' dossiers (and, at this time, I wish to take this opportunity to state for the record that the addition of a detailed statistical analysis of a candidate's effectiveness, cross-indexed by age and general strength, would prove useful in any further deliberations of this type), I have come to a conclusion.

Cities require special handling, especially in what is known as the 'modern' era. Physical prowess is a positive trait to consider in any Word-bound, as both formal and informal evidence has shown, but it is important to not over compensate. What is most important is that a potential candidate be able to demonstrate effectiveness over a wide range of conditions. Therefore, I would objectively state that Zouriel, Cherub Vassal of Protection, is the best candidate for this position. It will be necessary for her to receive advanced medical treatment and regeneration for injuries received during her recent successful defeat of a Servitor of Technology, but that should not present a particular problem.


Al salaam alaikum,

I have heard the cases of each of the angels contending for the Word of Zion.

Concerning Lauren, Seraph of Jordi (God's Peace be Upon Him):

    I applaud Lauren for speaking truthfully, as befits his Choir. Regrettably, the truth he speaks is anti-human and borders on heretical. If he is unwilling to accept God's plan for mankind, he certainly is not fit to lead the city where that plan shall be made manifest. Furthermore, he speaks of his fitness for the Word of Zion in terms of _his_ abilities and _his_ strength. I heard nothing of God's will, only that of his Superior. Until he gains maturity, I feel he is unfit to hold any Word.

Concerning Luke, Ofanite of Gabriel (God's Peace be Upon Him): 

    Luke appears to be valiant and faithful, and I have no reason to doubt his service to the cause of Heaven. However, he also appears to be young and headstrong, and was able to give no definitive reasons for why he should be awarded the Word of Zion. He has no plans, only aphorisms. Like Lauren, he is a young and immature angel and requires further tempering before he is ready to be given such a great responsibility.


Concerning Zouriel, Cherub of Zadkiel (God's Peace be Upon Her): 

    I am pleased by Zouriel's mention of faith. She also appears to be kind, stalwart, and a zealous defender of humanity, as befits her Superior's Word. I am concerned, however, by her relative weakness, having already been diminished in battle with one demon. She also seems overly preoccupied with her personal plans and ideologies, and not enough with God's plan, whatever it may be. Zion should not be regarded as the personal demesnes of the angel given charge of it. Nor should it be given to the care of an angel with questionable mettle.

Concerning Mattiel, Malakite of Laurence (God's Peace be Upon Him): 

    Mattiel possesses all of the virtues one would expect of his Choir. His recklessness is cause for concern; though he is correct that individual souls are in God's hands regardless of Earthly events, an angel should strive not to disrupt the natural play of the Symphony, for such presumption is unpleasing to God. Nonetheless, his faith in God's plan shines above the personal hopes and beliefs of his worthy peers. He plainly understands that the Word of Zion and the fate of humanity is in God's hands, and that he is merely an instrument of God's will. Furthermore, it is better for the Word of Zion to be given to one who is completely devoted to the War against Hell. We must not have any reason to doubt the devotion of the Angel of Zion, ever.

Thus, with no disrespect to any of those seeking the Word of Zion, and with some reservations which I am sure will be corrected with proper counseling by his Archangel, I find the Virtue Mattiel to be most suitable for the Word of Zion, insha'Allah.

God's Peace Be Upon You,


 Archangel of Faith


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