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To The Most Esteemed and Holy:

 My name is Seraphina, Seraphim of David, Vassal of Stone.  This letter is in regards to the competition for the Word of Zion.  The following is my personal opinion of four of the competitors, whom I know personally and have worked with for over 20,000 years.

 Luke, Offanim of Gabriel

He is very loyal and passionate.  If he received the Word of Zion, I believe that he would do his best, but I donít believe that his best would be good enough.  Luke doesnít seem capable of facing any enemy without having some sort of backup.  Working together and being stronger as a whole is good; however the individual strength of a pillar also strengthens the temple as a whole.

 Lauren, Seraphim of Jordi

As a fellow angel I love Lauren.  Although she is learning she has neither the experience nor the patience to deal properly with the humans.  She is quick to anger if man has done wrong, but will save an animal at any expense.  Since Zion is a man made city, I donít believe that she is a good candidate for the Word of Zion.

 Mattiel, Malakim of Laurence

Mattiel is strong in honor, faith, and virtue, however he is not merciful.  There are times when his zeal at destroying the forces of Hell seem more important to him than a single humansí potential for achieving his destiny.  If Mattiel had the Word of Zion, I believe that he himself would eradicate the influence that Hell has put into Zion, but at the cost of leveling the city.

 Zouriel, Cherubim of Zadkiel

My opinion of Zouriel is somewhat biased because of our relationship together and my deep love and passion for her.  Zouriel is very caring and compassionate; when she does something she does it completely.  She wants to make the city of Zion a better place for all those who live there.  The city of Zion needs a protector, who better than an angel of Protection.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Servitor of Stone