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They pulled into U.M.C. and unloaded Kadriel. I decided right then and there I had to find out what had happened, but I couldn't do it just yet. Things were just too hot still and besides, they had a uniformed cop with Kadriel. I went across the street to a bar, cause I figured I could use a good stiff drink or two. I sat there for a couple hours and watched some show on their T.V. About a few hours or so later, the news came on, apparently there was a "gang turf war" at an old house off of the express way going towards Blue Diamond, 16 people dead, including one homicide detective. Two people injured, both in serious condition, one of them homicide detective Eric Pitts, and the other an unknown man. It was time to go see Kadriel, but first, one more shot for the road.