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I made my way out to the back. My thoughts just going crazy, what book were they talking about? What's so hot about this book? Could Kadriel really Fall?!?! I went back to my place for a while, stewing in my own thoughts. I decided that tomarrow night I would confront Kadriel, after his usual Thursday night meeting with some of his fellow Angels.

Before I left my house, I checked my guns to make sure that they were loaded and ready to go, always make sure you have more than one weapon just incase you need a back up, then I headed out the door to Kadriels. When I was on the highway, a few cop cars blew past me. I didn't think to much of it at first, then as I pulled down the dirt road that led to Kadriels, there were about seven or eight cop cars there, some of them unmarked but with lights flashing. They had some ambulances pulled up to the front of the house, I could see Kadriel on one of the stretchers being loaded into the ambulance. I turned around and waited a few hundred feet down the road. When the ambulance that I had seen Kadriel loaded into passed by, I took off after it.