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Staplers Story...

Did you ever have one of those quiet days when you could just sit back and relax, watch the days go by? I mean, after spending 7 years in the marines, a man's gotta take time out to enjoy the little things. I used to enjoy the little things...till I met Kadriel. Ever since then, nothing's been the same. How was I to know that I'd end up spending my days still playing soldier, only it's for a different kind of army now.

My master, Kadriel, serves the Archangel Yves, who serves the Word of Destiny. If people have a destiny, or a fate, Kadriel can spot it. Lately, there have been a lot of celestial's moving into town. I'm not exactly sure about what's going on, and Kadriel hasn't been inclined to tell me. The homicide rate has tripled in Vegas because of all the fighting that's been going on between the Angel's and the Demons. The local police think that some sort of gang war is going on it town, if only they really knew what was going on, they'd shit themselves. I've even taken to carrying around a gun, which isn't something I enjoy doing, but a man's gotta protect himself somehow.