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Kadriel's got this little house out in the middle of nowhere, going towards Blue Diamond, and usually he and a few other Angels have meetings there about once or twice a week. I never get to be in on those meetings, after all I'm just a lowly soldier, but this lowly soldiers knows something bad's about to happen, and I don't need no Angelic resonance to tell me that! Kadriel's been upset and moody lately, and that's unlike him, Elohim just aren't like that.

So I decided to take it upon myself to find out what Kadriel won't tell me. One day while patrolling the streets, like a good little soldier, I spotted Kadriel coming out of the library downtown, so I decided I would follow him. He pulled into this little Cafe. I could see him as he took a look around then sat down and pulled a book from his back pocket and started to read. As luck would have it, I've been to this place before with Kadriel, and I knew there was a back door. I went around to the back and snuck into the Cafe. I snatched up one of those freebie newspapers that tells you about what's goin' on in town and held it up like I was reading it, and sat on the other side of the bookshelf from where Kadriel was. I would be able to hear everything, but see nothing.