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This is a drawing of a character I played in my friend Jason Tondro’s Fantasy Hero game. He was sorta the anti-hero of the group . He was looking for redemption but had a hard time overcoming his nihilistic ways. The drawing was done on duo-shade paper. The effects are somewhat lost when scanned but the original looks ten times better.


Violet the Organgrinder

Violet is the sister of Hydra and also her most deadly arch enemy. Violet works for the Rhand Corporation, a multinational conglomerate that has a sinister and diabolic agenda for planet Earth




Varra Pernix

Varra Pernix is another character I played in my friend's fantasy Hero game. She was my Xena rip-off. The little boy is her greatest disadvantage. In her back story she was a cutthroat and a reaver. She and her army sacked a city and butchered every one inside except an old priest and his little valet. As Varra ran her sword through the old man he uttered a curse that if the boy died she would die as well. Not wanting to die she protects the boy although she doesn't want to. The boy is her conscience and helps her along the path to redemption.