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Matiel's Journals

Entry 1

After the Fall, everything started to make sense again. Angels no longer fought each other in heaven, Urian took over both Uriel’s name and Word, and I was given a new purpose. Uriel took my assembled forces and recreated me in a new image of honor and virtue, a Malakite. With my new form came a new connection to the symphony, one that made my purpose for existing crystal clear. I realized that humans are divine, that they do have a divine spark in them. At least most of them do. There are exceptions, and these exceptions have a tendency to corrupt the others. My job is to rid the world of these misguided souls in order to advance humanity as a whole. Many of my fellow angels (especially those that serve Flowers) are horrified by my actions and argue that it is wrong to kill any human, for any purpose. To my misguided brethren I say this: Earth is like a garden, and its people flowers. But like all gardens, there are weeds. In order for the garden to survive and flourish, these weeds must be pulled, so that they don’t wrap themselves around other flowers and choke the life from them. Think of myself as Heaven’s gardener, and get the Hell out of my way!