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Entry 1

About a 100 years have passed since my brethren have fallen and torn the symphony in two. I feel anger, which at times overwhelms me. Sometimes I’m not sure if I could forgive them and welcome them back, even if they saw the error of their ways and repented. There are times when the calm and peace that surround me sometimes doesn’t feel as if it even exists. I get angry thinking about the way these “Demons” abuse and harm man with their selfish ways. It makes me feel real anger to the point that I feel as if I, a servitor of Novalis, actually want to destroy any demon that may put themselves in my path.
I’ve been told that I should try and have more patience with them, and perhaps once they see what it’s like with out the glory of the true symphony, they will all eventually want to be redeemed. Only they weren’t there at the front line like I was, they didn’t see angels destroying other angels or watch as their friends were destroyed while they stood next to you, and over what?!?! Yahweh loves us just as much as he loves Man. Just because He shows it differently in the way that we were created or the way that we exist, does not mean that He loves us any less.
These days I’m not sure if patience is the way to correct this situation. I can’t stand to sit ideally by and watch as these demons pervert Man and just say, “Hey, can’t we all just get along? There’s enough humans to go around.” I don’t want to get along with them, they have destroyed a bit of Heaven with their selfishness, and nothing they do will be able to make it better.
So I’ve been thinking that maybe Novalis isn’t the Archangel I should be serving. Michael spoke to me once right before the last major battle broke out, he said “If we want to protect Heaven and what we stand for, then we need to fight and not stand in the back like a bunch of cowards.” Perhaps it is time for me to fight for what I stand for. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can do this while serving Novalis, and this saddens me.

Entr y 2

There is much going on right now. The war between Heaven and Hell has only just begun, and I feel that it will continue for quite some time. If I am to assist in the war as best as I can, then I feel that I can’t do it while serving Novalis. I’m not sure how to tell her that I think I won’t be able to serve the word of Flowers anymore.

I have been considering defecting from Novalis and going to Michael, the Archangel of War, for about a decade now. The word “defecting” seems like such a harsh word to use, but that’s how I feel, like a big fat poopy deserter, and Novalis will probably see it that way. I only hope that my desertion of Novalis will help strengthen our Heavenly armies so that we can try and put a stop to this war as quickly as possible.

My friend Gonda, a Malakim of War, has been showing me how to protect myself and fight back. I admire him so much for he has come such a long way. I remember when he was a cute little reliever with flowers on his mind. Now he has been imbued with the glory of Heaven by becoming one of the virtues. Perhaps I can become a virtue as well, and fight beside Gonda.

The thought of speaking to Michael about becoming a servitor of his makes me feel as if someone stuck a spoon in my stomach and gave it a good stir, and yet, at the same time I feel this overwhelming excitement. I must speak with Michael soon, for I feel that the time has come for my service to Novalis to come to an end. Hopefully the next words that I write will come from a servitor of Michael.