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I was born the son of a share cropper along the Mississippi delta. The youngest of twelve children, I learned early that I had to make my own way. Being the one who would bring balance to the Force, I set out on foot heading west to Tinsel town to make my fortune and ended up in the city of Las Vegas. I was a table dancer at the age of 16 and a mob driver at the age of 20. While on an assingement for my boss, Joey Bagadonuts, I was bitten by a radioactive spider and aquired super human abilities. I soon learned that with great power comes great responsiblity and became a masked crime fighter called The Spider. In the sixties I was a Black panther and a Black exploitation Villian in the movie Dolomite. By the 1980's I created the warp engine, went into outerspace, and was frozen. I awoke 500 years in the future. While living in the city of New Chicago, I saved the human race from a group of Xenomrph Aliens that work for a group of Cyborgs called the Cylons. I travelled back in time to save my younger self from a terminator cyborg and found out that my reality was nothing but an elaborate virtual reality simulation. Me and my friend Morpheaus set out to free mankind and...ok all of the above is a lie. I'm just a 27 year old nerd who lives in Las Vegas, I don't gamble and I dont live in a casino hotel room (like most people in Vegas). I have a lovely wife and daughter (you'll meet them later) and love to read comics, listen to music, and play roleplaying games. Thats about it for me, I hope you enjoy my site.