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My favorite Web pages


Steve Jackson Games

( The maker of in my humble opinion some of the best role-playing material out there. Tons of world books and In Nomine call this place home)

The In Nomine Collection

( A great In Nomine resource site when it's updated)


(Call of Cthullu and the Elric role-playing game)

Pulsar Games

(When the DC Heroes game Pulsar picked up the MEG system and ran with it. They publish the Blood of Heroes role-playing game)

R. Talsorian

( Publisher of CyberPunk, Mekton, Castle Falkenstien, and Teenagers from Outerspace)

Cool DC Heroes Stuff

(For fans of the now defunct DC Heroes game there is a real cool character builder program at this site.)

West End Games

(Publisher of the original Star Wars game and now the producer of the DC Universe game)


(This is a great site for keeping up with fanboy type news)

Bert Is Evil

(I didnt belive it either until I read this page)