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Art for Hire

    I done artwork for a few role-playing games, some have even paid me! The pictures below are for work that I've done for the role-playing game Underworld for Sinister Creative Systems. The other is for Salvation by Concept Syndicate.  

Just Incase anyone is interested, here is my work history in the Role-playing field. A full resume and artwork portfolio can be sent upon request. 

Work History

(Click company to see the work I've done)

Citadel Comics

Illustrated three issues of the comic Necromancer, and the soon to be released Godsend Comic and RPG.

Fantasy Flight Games

Illustrations for the Disk Wars collectable pog game

Concept Syndicate

Illustrated the entire Role-Playing game Salvation

Synister Creative Systems

Illustration work for the Role-Playing game Underworld