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Luke's Journals

I work for Heaven. Gabriel may have made me, but I have worked many of the ArchAngels, including Lucifer. For most of my existence, I ran messages. Then came the 'fall', I fought with the rest of the angels. In the final battle, I saw Michael's axe. It was a beautiful! Well I was the one who blew up the nasty cannons that allowed the forces of good to win over evil, so I thought perhaps Michael could give me a copy of the axe for what I had done. He did, but not without a challenge and a cost, now I can't flee battle just like if I was one of Michael's angels. I can live with that, just gotta choose my battle carefully. I am glad I have the friends that I do. They allowed me to get the cannons; they also have insights I don't. They can tell if someone has been cruel or evil, this helps me make less mistakes.

Entry 1

The Tower

There were our heroes, Zouriel, Mattiel, Sernphina, and Luke. Facing the giant Stoney Jackson and skinny runt Cork in front of the tower that contained the captured citizens of Mouenjo-Daro. Our heroes tried to get these two to release the prisoners without a fight but they were not going to have any of that and they retreated into the tower. That is when Luke raced through the door, he quickly realized that he was not going to be able to hold off Stoney, Cork, the black robed man named Gik-Ard and the other six creatures long enough for his friends to get through the door, so he hid. Mattel tried to break down the door but Stoney held the door fast. After final breaking in, Mattel was facing Gik-Ard and Mattel said "I'm here to do God's work. Jackass!" He then thrust his sword (rolls 666) and promptly thrust his sword into Gik-Ard's chest and there it stuck fast. It was then Zouriel who came to Mattel's rescue, with her shield up Stoney could not hit them, but the could hit him. Luke then joined the fight. Seraphina ignored the battle and proceeded up the stairs where she was pushed down stairs and got into a combat of her own. The only way she was to survive was to go celestial. A sound of thunder waved through the combat at the door and all except Luke, Mattel, Zouriel, Gik-Ard, and two other creatures lapsed in unconsciousness. While Luke and Mattel cleaned up the combat, Zouriel pursued Gik-Ard upstairs. Gik-Ard held Zouriel ransom by holding two babies in danger saying that if she allowed him to escape, he would not kill the babies. Zouriel did not believe him and tried to use a song on him, it did not work and he allowed a baby to fall to its death. He then fled with the living baby and Zouriel pursued, followed by Mattel and Laren. The combat commenced, in which Mattel redeemed himself (rolls 111). Meanwhile Luke follows Seraphina downstairs to fight the evil downstairs and free the prisoners held there. He fights the bad guy and the result is nearly a double kill. The room starts to flood and Seraphina tries to free the prisoners and then tries to open the door. Luke finally wins against him and pulls all the prisoners to the door, just in time to save Seraphina from drowning. Luke allows the bad guy behind the door to retreat and discovers that he can not flee from battle. He saves the prisoners and Seraphina and returns to find the bad guys. Mattel, Laren and Luke pursue the two bad guys and the end result is two dead bad guys and one sleeping cat. Meanwhile a battle ensues between Zouriel, Seraphine (who is recalled as the battle
begins to Norvalis) and Cork. Cork flees and Zouriel yells for help. Mattel and Luke hear her plea and return to kill cork. Seraphina returns from heaven and all the recovered prisoners and our heroes return to Mouenjo-Daro. There was considerable disgust regarding the prisoners, a priest named Konvarall.sinsin offered to take care of them. But before they left, Luke tried and succeeded in healing the prince's mind, which had been damaged from his experience. Seraphina ascended to heaven and partitioned Michael to allow her to take him, as her ArchAngel since she did not feel the peace of Norvallis was what she wished to do. After many days and tests she finally was allowed to talk to Michael who scolded her for coming to him behind Norvallis's back. She decided to talk to Norvallis and Michael said he would consider her partition. Meanwhile our band of heroes tried to find the old man in the desert. They encountered a bird, which Laren asked if it knew where the old man was. The bird did not know. But Laren got in the position of discussed God and he described himself as "I am the most holiest of holy!" Zouriel said, "You honestly believe that crap?"